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This is - Arne Desmet

This is - Arne Desmet -

Highly Commended

Title: This is
Entrant Name: Arne Desmet
Outline of Idea: This is Belgium, France, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, Uganda, this is the world.

With my campaign called “This is”, I want to show people that climate change is not
something that only happens in a country far away. It’s not something that maybe,
eventually, if we’re really unlucky will happen to a few people.
This is going to happen to all of us. It is, in fact, already happening.

I started with a phrase I once heard; “Think global, act local”. How do you change the
behavior of people across the globe? How do you show that climate change is already
affecting their own country. I want to show that climate change is not some abstract
concept happening far away. With “This is”, people will realize their own backyard is on
fire and it’s time to take action, before their house burns down.

The campaign consists of several videos. They all deal with one country at a time. There
will be version of France, that’ll air (on television/social media/billboards across the
country, etc.) in -surprise- France, one of Brazil, one of Spain, etc.

Since I’m from Belgium, I made a concept version called “This is Belgium”.
The video starts with some beautiful shots of Belgium. It has to look and feel like a
travel advertisement, it has to sell the beauty of that specific country. At a given time
some facts will appear on the screen. For example, how many degrees the temperature
has risen. Nothing very hard or in your face. The idea is that while the video continues
playing, the facts and the images grow more extremer and harder.
It has to shock the viewers.
The images shown in the video have to be country specific. In July 2021 we had a really
bad flood in Belgium, I mostly used shots that were taken then. But there are of course
more shots that you could use. There was an extreme draught during the summer of
2020 and 2019 that can also be used as an example of the impact climate change has.

The video has to be an eye opener. It has to shock the people by showing that climate
change is affecting their own country.
That it is NOT just an abstract concept, but something very real.
Something very close.

This is the UK, India, Norway, China, Germany, Portugal, this is the world.
This is all of us.

Impact: I really believe this has a chance of going viral and be seen by thousands of people.
And that with a very low cost. You only need to use some footage of the specific
country, which can be bought online or shot by a videographer. Than you can use
footage taken from a newsbroadcast talking about something that happened in said
contry and edit it all together. That’s it. You got your chance to make people realise
that soon, their house can’t be saved anymore.
Additional Information: If needed I'd be more than happy to make an example of another country!
If there would be something wrong with the video you can alsways watch it by clicking the following link:
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